Seeking a new home

Been playing the game for 2 years now and need a good alliance to be apart of my hero rating is currently 240k i am map 5 experienced and willing to make donations to the treasury


  • if you have line, send me a message with your profile. Primmer79
  • Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 621 ★★
    Goken23 add me on LINE
    Alliance name: Chevron [CVX]
  • Shy11Shy11 Posts: 15
    Will do
  • Map 5x5
    Only require AQ/AW

    Hit me up in Line if you want. line ID: eckthroi
  • Darkalpha27Darkalpha27 Posts: 15
    We use groupme 9m alliance join us map5 *5
  • Message me on Line: windbreaker1976

    AQ 5x5 Expert Tier 2200ish Rank - AW Tier 4
  • missyuamissyua Posts: 51
    Hit me up on line if you haven’t found an alliance
  • Are you still interested?

    My Line and Game ID: Zburatoru.

    We are doing Map 4x5 for now and AW Tier9.

    SA WEEKLY. Everyone is on line.
  • Shy11Shy11 Posts: 15
    I message a few of you line
  • If you haven’t found an alliance yet hit me up on line. We have an awesome alliance that is growing as we speak. Line ID is Twinkvd
  • GenidiaminGenidiamin Posts: 103
    Message me on lineapp bro.. genidiamin
  • MPC1974MPC1974 Posts: 89
    If you're still looking for an alliance TeamTardis 5280 is seeking new members with Map 5 experience. We alternate between Advanced and Elite in AQ every other week. My Line ID is MPC1974.
  • 2012rdiaz2012rdiaz Posts: 20
    If still looking for an ally pm me line: 2012rdiaz we may have a spot for ya need to replace one player. 10.5 mil ally runs 5x5 no excuses to not get all bgs done war tier 3-4 . Looking for one active player. good luck finding a new home
  • Arsenal33Arsenal33 Posts: 59
    I'll add my name onto the list. I have a 4/55 Blade done you want to play in an alliance with a 4/55 blade.

    Line ID Arsenal33
  • A little late, but we'd be happy to have you too. 6 mil alliance running map 5's.
  • App me on line app ncis-abby if you would b interested I joining our alliance
  • If you’re still looking....

    Our alliance has a pretty cool rewards system our leader has come up with, where you earn points according to events you complete, etc. One guy recently turned in his accumulated points for 5 health potions which helped him get thru one of the quest faster.

    We generally run 55333 with 3 groups. Hit SA every week easily and run war (2 groups for now, but about to go to 3). If you’re interested in more specifics you can in game chat or Line YodaAnne
  • RuffNRebelRuffNRebel Posts: 34
    add me in game (Ruff and Rebel) or on Line (acdc85) if you're still looking
  • 1Durr1Durr Posts: 36
    AW/AQ based. Ask for some donations each week to treasury but only what you can afford.
    Running map 3/4 tier 6 in AW. AW rating gives us top 100 status in our region top 3500 globally.

    Add me in game or on line same name as here.

  • We run aq5x5 add me on line if interested rugby3086
  • Feel free to hit me up on line or in game nvrcmecomin1 if you would like to know more about the alliance I am in. We run map 5x5 or atleast 5x4 with one day of map 4. We are currently in expert tier in AQ. We enjoy the game and don't demand so much from our players but to participate & donate. We make SA everywhere. We run 3 bg's in AQ & War. We currently have 1 spot open. Please feel free to ask me anything you want about the alliance. Thank you for your time. Hope to here from you. Enjoy your day.
  • Damn, you've been blown up big time bro. If you are still looking hit me up on LINE app - BigNateDeezy.

    My alliance is IMBUE, 10m+ multi-national alliance, we run AQ5x5, with 3 wars a week (not a priority, would like to win, but won't ask members to spend).

    Contact me for details.
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