They’ll let anyone in now

PARAGON BABY!!! Though my paragon r4 wasn’t who I wanted (I needed just 950 fragments of mutant or 1025 fragments of tech to r4 Vulture or Wags. After opening all 12 25% t5cc from 8.1, 15 5%, and 7 2%a and 2 10% nexus, I ended up with 0 tech and mutant. So I joined the paragon club with Doom.), I just couldn’t wait. Is there a celebratory chimichanga anywhere for me?

Thanks @BitterSteel for the team recommendations and advice on beating Gauntlet.
Thanks @Riptide for your advice, specially that Ikaris and Prof X EoP fight. I wouldn’t have down it without you.
And lastly, thanks @Kabam Miike for sending me Apoc after 100% Act 7 in a crystal immediately after I selected Red Cyclops from a nexus over Omega Red and Colossus. I know that was your doing (and also thanks for the new nursing changes coming).


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