2* & 3* Awakening Gems - Possible conversion

Level 60 summoners have complained in the past about getting XP boosts when they have no use for them. While I'd love to see those removed from crystals obtained by level 60 summoners, they still have their uses for the Item Use event.

But what about 2* and 3* awakening gems. At this point, I have every 2* and 3* champion awakened and these gems just add up in my inventory or expire from my stash. Is there any chance we could convert them into signature stones, or increase the cap and allow us to convert 25 3* awakening gems for a 4* awakening gem, just something that we could use in-game?

Thanks for reading!


  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    Interesting, but what if you get a new champion say Hela or Thor Ragnarok? You'd be able to use the Awakening Gems on them? But it does kinda stacks up. Great idea!
  • project314project314 Posts: 67
    It's true we usually need 2-3 gems a month tops to cover new arrivals to the Contest or to the PHC, but we get a lot more than that on a monthly basis.
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