3rd R4 for Paragon: Science Gem

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Recently explored Act 8.1 and got Science 6* R4 Rankup Gem. Already have CGR and Appoc at R4. Had to go for options I have as i want to move to Paragon before next Eternity of Pain. Who should benefit most from Science R4?
Really confused between Cap IW and HT.
FYI: I run sucide mastery all the time

3rd R4 for Paragon: Science Gem 22 votes

CapIW sig 200
yossG-Hun-GearKennadobazingampAnbeiNetbreakerTheExit27Giantwalrus56Gunner14ProtogenoiVVDoom 11 votes
Unduped Human Torch
pseudosaneHasibullahfidaRenaxqqSoyheyor123Nalak8ZAHIDMALIK1588CederAlto_Dalto1MrFullStop 9 votes
Unduped She hulk
Unduped Mr Negative
Etjama13579rebel_ 2 votes


  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 135
    CapIW sig 200
    Thanks everyone. I just upgraded my CapIW sig 200 to R4 and I am paragon now. I figured he will benefit more from R4 and provide lots of utility as he is already sig 200.
    So far I liked Paragon daily crystal as I am keep getting Half T5b most of the time.
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