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Who is better to use? Black Cat or Kraven?

Superstar_1126Superstar_1126 Posts: 202
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I have both characters as 5 star champions, both unawakened. Take into account, who needs their signature ability more, who is easier to use, and who most likely to benefit from a high rank

Who is better to use? Black Cat or Kraven? 29 votes

BigPoppaCBONEPtotheF333Superstar_1126 3 votes
Black Cat
Surya027RobbieRampageDarth_StewieDragonMCOCSachhyam25710or_StrongRockyshockyMother_FlerkenEwell65SSS69TheExit27JJJmJJJSparty6Hrishikesh713FerahgoShepStarSmasher2001sherin_66Dvl12776OakenshieldNalak8 26 votes
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  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,642 ★★★★
    Black Cat
    Kraven is a weird one you need awakened ability and the enemy to cooperate with you

    On the other hand black cat has great utility easy access to damage and is the overall better champion
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