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Abomination Rework Idea

CybourgRokuCybourgRoku Posts: 37
edited October 2022 in Suggestions and Requests
Here's another one!
Abom is annoying to fight without a poison immune in higher difficulty, but other than that he is severely outdated and lacking any overall... mechanics.
So my idea is.

Awakened Ability: Irradiate: Anytime a Poison debuff expires from the opponent they have a 25 - 50% chance to be converted into an Irradiate passive that increases the potency of the damage dealt by all future Poisons by 12%, and Abomination restore his Hp equal to 2% of all damage dealt by Poison effects ((Max 10) These are counted as Poisons for Abomination's other abilities.).

Abomination has +2350 Physical Resistance, is immune to all types of Poison, and is dealt -50% damage from Degeneration effects.

Anytime Abomination is inflicted with a bleed he has a 100% chance to apply 1 Poison debuff dealing 1400 damage over 18 seconds.

Gamma Radiation: Anytime the opponent makes contact with Abomination he has a 25% chance to apply 1 Poison debuff dealing 1400 damage over 18 seconds. Anytime this fails to apply a Poison debuff due to accuracy or immunity Abomination has a 50% chance to gain a Fury buff instead granting +650 attack rating for 9 seconds.
Anytime Abomination would apply a Poison debuff to a Poison immune opponent he places a Weakness debuff for 8 seconds instead, reducing attacking rating by 750.

Specials: All non-Special 3 hits have a 60% chance to Stun for 2 seconds.

Sp1: Skull Bash: This attack gains +205 attack rating for every Poison effect on either champion.

Sp2: Overwhelm: If Abomination gains a Fury buff during this special it becomes an indefinite Passive Fury instead, increasing attack rating by the same amount (Max 4).

Sp3: Gamma Bomb: This attack has a 100% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.


The Green, the Mean, and the Ugly: Other Members: Hulk, Red Hulk
All Synergy Members: Have a 15% chance on hit to gain a Fury buff for 10 seconds granting 850 attack rating.
Hulk: The chance to gain a Fury buff from this effect is increased by a flat 30%.
Red Hulk: Anytime Red Hulk gains a Fury effect he gains 5% of a bar of Power.
Abomination: The duration for Furies gain from this effect is increased for 1 second for every poison effect on the opponent.

This is what I came up with, if you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to leave a comment.
And as always if you read this far thank you for your time and have a great day!
If you thought this was neat, you should check out my other ones I've posted a few (All buff/rework ideas.)!


  • CybourgRokuCybourgRoku Posts: 37
    I wasn't sure how I felt about a stack limit on it, but that's why I have the Fury gain on a 50% chance, but that's also why I made the Furies a bit weaker bonus wise if we're using the stats of a 5*r5
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