Incursions Sector 9 Zone 25 in Day 1

kenadroidkenadroid Posts: 421 ★★★

I've retired but came back to see if there's anything new and see if me and my R4 Æegon can push to 25. My team consists of him, Heimdall and Loki. Had to use 1500 units to get here though and the whole day of timeouts. Two annoying zone bosses on this run: Mr Sinister and Wiccan which I had to use units to deal with them instead of the Doom bosses. I'm glad I didn't get Toad, Havok or Bishop nevertheless.

Some thoughts on how this can be broken but fair to the players going in for the future:
1. Make damage over time nodes based on base damage and not the modified attack. Trial by fire is based on base damage but Biohazard, caltrops etc. would be better to have it on base damage only for this game mode.
2. Allow us to shuffle nodes. I remember there were couple of side events that can let you shuffle the nodes in exchange for an item. If you make that item attainable in incursion milestones or fights, that would encourage players to play more thus creating a positive feedback loop. Also side note, it doesn't have to be all nodes, maybe just allow us to shuffle 1-2 nodes out of 6 nodes in the sector bosses.
3. Timeouts. Now this is a controversial topic like the corvus one back then. But while I do abuse timeouts, I don't particularly enjoy them. If a chance for revive to drop in sector bosses that would be great. Heck, even incursion revive fragment could be a thing. Like defeat 5 sector 8 and up bosses to form 1 revive. This encourages people to save up their farmed revives and play more of the game mode.
4. Hacks refresh on the final choice is definitely appreciated. Yes, while that would mean less encourage of experimentation, it's not like all three boss hacks are beneficial to the current roster and moments like those sucks bad. Having a choice to refresh hacks encourages people to push further. At the very least buff cornucopia is all I needed to deal with the higher healthpools and damage.


  • kenadroidkenadroid Posts: 421 ★★★
    Anyways, I've retired and probably won't do this again even if they do implement my suggestions. 7* is gonna be another chore I'd rather not try again.
  • CrusaderjrCrusaderjr Posts: 931 ★★★★
    this is insane, glad to see it! were the units purchased or grinded btw?
  • BeroManBeroMan Posts: 228 ★★★
    Congrats. By chance have you screened attack and health values in zone 25?
  • MiniMFMiniMF Posts: 252 ★★
    BeroMan said:

    Congrats. By chance have you screened attack and health values in zone 25?

    1.6 M / 160 k attack
  • KiptonadeKiptonade Posts: 201 ★★★
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 2,487 ★★★★
    MiniMF said:

    BeroMan said:

    Congrats. By chance have you screened attack and health values in zone 25?

    1.6 M / 160 k attack
    MÆX ran 9/25 today too
  • SandeepSSandeepS Posts: 929 ★★★
    Who were the mvps? Not that I'll be able to do it the same, but may take me further into the lower maps. My usual team was corvus, bwcv and mags for the Ultrons. I died to an incinerate shock node so I think one part is more immunities so suggestions welcome.
  • Dwhalen8554Dwhalen8554 Posts: 283 ★★★
    Seeing this with a R4 Aegon myself has me exited to go in and try this! Wish me luck and great job yourself. Very impressive
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