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Incursions Bug: Getting Kicked Out

AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,038 ★★★★★
Was doing a solo sector 7 incursions run. Reached room 10? All champs in good health. Closed the game or maybe connection time out? Go back to game and greeted with the " Yoy were in a party message" and the option to leave room and return to party. I click return to party and it throws me to the team selection screen. With no way to go back to my sector 7 run.

The chanps i used are on cool down. Happened before also in the previous iteration while doing a run with a partner.

OnePlus 8t

Latest Verison


  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,038 ★★★★★
    I think it happens when the 24 hours get over instead of during the 5 day cycle
  • East_to_wesEast_to_wes Posts: 5
    i had the same thing happen to me. doing a sector 9 run with a friend. we stopped at zone 10 earlier today and i had to log out for a bit. i come back and i’ve left the incursions party. all progress gone
  • JoseOkJoseOk Posts: 261 ★★
    It happen to me yesterday also, then when I came back the chat wouldn’t show either and it showed that I was in the incursion loading screen. I closed the app and reloaded, and it then fixed it.
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