Optimal Setup for Game Performance

While I realize running tons of additional apps or music in the background saps much-needed phone and tablet resources, it would be helpful to understand from the game team what type of specific setup is optimal for gameplay.

Now, before one of our tech-savvy forums members starts harping on how many different phones and connections there are and how this is impossible, let me say that I'm not looking for a primer that covers every single device. Rather, I want to hear straight from the game team what we should be running or not running and the basic specs we need in order to experience what they consider an "optimal" MCoC experience. Not minimum specs, but optimal; not "a connection," but what type and how strong; not "it all depends on the device," but what specifically depends and how much.

As an aside, let me add that I tried to play the game on a newish iPad mini (2016 model with 128GB) yesterday and found it to be near impossible--prompting me to apologize to anyone I've doubted that has come on here complaining that the game is "unplayable." The iPad mini experience was, quite literally, unplayable at anything beyond the most rudimentary quests. Significant frame drop, game lag, freezing, unresponsive controls...at times it felt like watching an old Charlie Chaplin movie. There are bugs and bad connections, but this was far, far more than that. And that was on full wi-fi, after deleting and reinstalling the app, turning off all ancillary apps and notifications and battery saver functions. Frankly, I doubt I would have played the game for more than a day if that were my initial experience.

So, I'm all ears--if there is a recent Admin post on this, link it. Please give us all a dose of helpful information and maybe (just maybe) we can reduce the number of "game is unplayable" posts on the forums.

Dr. Zola
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