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Updation of the game to current meta

so as we can see in the last two months kabam has done at the very least a fairly decent job at updating aw ( quite nice rewards) , and incursions (solo being a huge W), battlegrounds released (while no longer an truly competitive mode due to the sheer amount of modders and at this point at least kabams refusal to even acknowledge it, the mode still has lovely rewards for the effort you need to put in while being decently fun at the lower rankings where youre less likely to find modders).

this leads us to the 3 remaining modes in need of an overhaul. arenas (while I do not believe that it will ever be a mode that will not be so heavily monetized, I think everyone in the community would like to at least curtail the sheer upper limits of score requirements for milestones, maybe shift units to only first half of the milestones would actually make it a lot more accessible and worthwhile for those that dont have the time to do multiple runs), Aq (probably the most up to date of the three that need updating but I think a glory store and rank reward update would fix most issues the boss link nodes update already being one of the more pro player moves) and last but not the least the thing that desperately needs being solo events ( the 7 hour and 22 hour as well the crystals are the oldest things remaining in the game, and heavily need an update to update their rewards from 5 star level to 6 star level.)


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