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100% 8.1 exploration+rewards opening+planning on paragon+new r4

Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 3,309 ★★★★★
I explored 8.1 finally. It was one of the best pieces of content kabam had ever created. Wish further chapters will be nearly as good or even better. I found most of the lanes and bosses pretty much really cheesy. I really hated the bpcw boss in 8.1.2 and the mutant unstoppable path in 8.1.5. easiest solution to bpcw was g99. She completely ignored this node in terms of energy damage. So just keep hitting that guy while u can pretty much keep up with true strike buff via the node. The 8.1.5 path, i did it in two parts. First i fought NT, void, Taskmaster and purgatory, purgatory being the hardest fight alongside void. Then after completing these fights i did last 2 fights from the easy path. I did a second run to fully explore the quest.i got to know a helpful trick that guilly 99 can finish the last phase in just one sp3, ignoring the shield too. Which made the fight easier than what i thought.

The rewards were pretty good except the fact that we didn't get any T3a or t6b frags on exploration. It would have felt better. But still it's good. The six stars straight to the bin.
I got a r4 skill gem. Which i gave it to... I will reveal later in this post lol. I got a tech AG but am confused on whom should I use it.

Now coming to paragon planning, act 7 already being complete, i just need 3 r4 six stars. Out of which i ranked up one already. And i just need more 4k T3a frags to rank up the second one, which I'll be getting from the eop rewards. So drumrolls🥁🥁🛢️🛢️ my first six star r4 is @TheManMythLegend .... Sorry sorry no offense buddy, i mean to say monkey instead of man
Tadaaaa... I never thought i would really rank this little dude up to have a new milestone, first r4 6 star. It's like a dream come true, i am in love with his simple playstyle and big damage and crits. Just love him❤️

This thread may not be active till Wednesday but i will post my new r4 champ on that day. Keep waiting or maybe u can even starmark this thread. Congratulations and all the best to every summoner who achieves some or the other milestone🔨!!


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