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Rhino Rework Idea

CybourgRokuCybourgRoku Posts: 37
edited October 2022 in Suggestions and Requests
When I first started, one of my first 4* was Rhino and I had a great time with him, be sadly he has become very outdated and lacks dynamic gameplay...
So my idea is

(The numbers are loosely based on a 5*r5/6*r2)

Awakened Ability: Gamma Ray Bombardment: The Rhino has been "treated" with several rounds of Gamma Ray Waves in an attempt to enhance his powers and abilities.
Rhino gains +500 - 1300 Physical Resistance
+450 - 860 Attack Rating (This bonus is doubled while Unstoppable)

Rhino Armor: Rhino has +600 Armor rating, and gains +600 - 2300 Additional Physical Resistance based on his current Health. This bonus is increased by an additional 450 if Rhino starts the fight with 100% Health.
Rhino is dealt 90% reduced damage from Frostbite, and Incinerate effects, Bleeds have -50% ability accuracy against Rhino, and he is immune to Armor Break, and Armor Shatter.

Stampede: Rhino becomes passively Unstoppable while dashing towards the enemy. The Impact from Rhino's Dash has a 5 - 50% chance to become passively Unblockable based on Rhino's size over his opponent. This Unblockable cannot occur while Rhino is suffering from a Slow effect.
Anytime Rhino breaks an opponents block or hits them while they are against the wall he gains a non-stacking Fury buff for 6 seconds granting 2010 attack rating.
This ability is not affected by Ability Accuracy, and Slow effects cannot prevent Rhino from gaining Unstoppable this way.

Gored: Attacks that utilize Rhino's Horn have a 33% to apply a Rupture debuff dealing 2200 damage over 10 seconds (Max 8).
(Mediums, and all hits of the Sp2.) While Unblockable, the chance to Gore is increased to 85%.

Rhino's Special attacks gain 1600 additional attack rating while he is Unstoppable and Unstoppable effects on Rhino are paused during specials and for 1 second after.
Rhino's Sp1 & 2 are passively Unblockable if they were launched while Rhino is Unstoppable or while the opponent has their back to the wall.

Sp1: Stomp: (No changes, just a big single hit)

Sp2: Comin' Through: Rhino charges his opponent with violent intent. 3 hit straight running charge. Hit procs/Dex timing would be similar to Red Guardian Sp1.

Sp3: Ram: After this attack all current Ruptures on the opponent are paused indefinitely.

Edit * I forgot to write out the Synergies before I posted, I will put them in the Comments. but anywho this is what I came up with, if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know and as always thank you for your time and have a great day!

I've posted a few others like this, so if you liked this you should check out my other Buff/Rework ideas.


  • CybourgRokuCybourgRoku Posts: 37

    Unstoppable Forces: Other Members: Juggernaut
    Juggernaut: The duration that Juggernaut is not able to gain Unstoppable after landing a Maximum Momentum Unblockable attack is reduced by 50%.
    Rhino: The chance to become Unblockable from Stampede is increased by a flat 25%.

    Itsy-Bitsty Spiders: Other Members: Spider-Man (Classic), Spidergwen, Miles Morales
    Rhino: While Rhino is Unstoppable and the opponent has their back to the wall, he gains +10% attack rating and his attacks cannot be Evaded.

    Brute Force: Other Members: Hulk
    Synergy Members: Are Immune to Weakness, and Fatigue effects.
    All Team Members: +12% Attack Rating.
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