VERY Interesting Patent Kabam. Changes Reward Probabilities based on Spending? Hmm



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    Those of you defending this nonsense is atrocious especially when they’ve said time after
    time how it’s all “random” FOH

    I agree. if they said from the beginning that this is how it works, no problem. it's the lying that really irks me.

    💯 Agree, they have been on record time and time again starting it's random. Facts are facts.

    Took the words right out of my mouf.

    But it's still a random chance, also this is a patent for kabam games not just MCOC. The random chance is based off the algorithm. Everyone knows this is a game of chance so not sure why this is a big deal. You have a better chance not getting what you want. Your odds increase if you keep spending until you get it. Seems pretty simple.
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