Android Input Issues

I got a new phone today (Google Pixel 7 Pro), and the inputs and gameplay are night and day different than my old phone (Google Pixel 5). Wiped my entire AQ team in section 1 of map 6. Normally I clear AQ itemless.

Device and Version: Google Pixel 7 Pro
Device Operating System: Android 13
Mobile Carrier: Verizon
Cellular or WiFi: Both
Game Version Installed: 36.3.1
Game Mode: Any and all fights
Champions Affected: Any
Active Boosts: N/A
Description of the Issue: Lots of input issues on the new device. Beta inputs are disabled (they were on the old phone as well). Screen taps intended to be light attacks are often interpreted as heavy attacks mid-combo. The last medium hit on a MLLLM combo is frequently dropped, resulting in a blocked special attack or a champ retaliation. Swiping left to dash back is sometimes dropped as well, although this one seems less frequent than the attack issues.

Will try enabling the beta input controls and follow up if those are any better or worse.


  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 238 ★★
    Enabling beta inputs reduce the issues substantially, but not completely. Still some unintended heavies and dropped medium attacks on the 5th hit of a combo, although significantly less frequent than with the beta inputs disabled.
  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 238 ★★
    Problem fixed!

    Turned off beta inputs and disabled "Smooth Display" under the Android display settings. The game runs at 30-32 FPS now instead of 120, but the inputs work as they did on my old phone.

    Wish I would have figured this out before yesterday's war.
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