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G2/G1 map 5&6 LF 2

60mil ally looking to replace 2 - who are leaving on great terms - at end of War season. AQ 66555, 55555, 55555; 300-350mil weekly.
Low-stress AW strategy that minimizes effort and maximizes rewards. Easy G2, sometimes sneak into G1. You can the one that helps with that extra push.
Discord communication app required: really well-organized and fun Discord server.

Contact In-game or LINE same name as here or
Discord HammerGod3#2442


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    NukeNuke Posts: 68
    This would have been perfect except for Discord. Line is better
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    HammerGod3HammerGod3 Posts: 43
    IDK our Discord server is pretty off the chain. I’ve never seen a LINE ally able to organize info the way we do. We even have a channels devoted to discussing Marvel movies, food and drink, etc….
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    HammerGod3HammerGod3 Posts: 43
    If you’re still scrolling posts, yes this one is still active :smiley:
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