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Iron Fist Rework Idea

A lot of people I have spoken too say he's a bad character overall, but most people I talk to have only watched the Netflix series... ... for the comic version I'm a big fan of Danny Rand as Iron Fist... in game... well... here are some ideas I have to make him more... well more.

(These numbers are loosely based on 5*r5, or 6*r2)

Awakened Ability: The Living Weapon: Danny Rand has mastered his Chi allowing him even further control of his Mystical abilities.
Increase the Potency of all personal Armor Break Debuffs by 90 - 150%.
Fist of the Dragon: Iron Fist's attacks deal 6 - 12% additional Physical damage while the opponent is afflicted with an Armor break debuff, and can apply Armor Breaks through the opponent's block.
Heart of the Dragon: Anytime Iron Fist nullifies a Buff from an opponent he restores 5 - 8% of his maximum Health. While at or below 35% Health this takes effect anytime he would apply an Armor Break as well.

Dragon of K'un-Lun: Iron Fist has a Pre-fight ability that allows you to select what stance he starts the fight in (Default Stance is "Fist of the Dragon")
Fist of the Dragon: Iron Fist focuses his Chi into forceful attacks to break the opponent.
Heart of the Dragon. Iron Fist focuses his Chi to control his enemies, and himself.
Each stance will grant bonus effects on all of Iron Fist's abilities.

Impervious Strikes: While attacking, Iron Fist is immune to all non-debuff damage.
Every hit Iron fist lands has a 35% chance to apply an Armor Break to the opponent for 9 seconds reducing armor rating by 850. (Max 9) If the opponent is immune, apply a Weakness debuff instead; lasting 9 seconds, and reducing attack rating by 900.
Fist of the Dragon: This chance is increased by a flat 35%.
Heart of the Dragon: Anytime this would apply a debuff, also Nullify an additional Buff from the opponent.

Chi: Iron Fist can channel his Chi by dashing back and holding block for 1 second to consume 30% of a bar of power to put this ability on cooldown for 30 seconds, and...
Fist of the Dragon: Gain a non-stacking Fury buff for 22 seconds granting 465 attack rating for each Armor Break or Weakness effect on the opponent.
Heart of the Dragon: Remove all Damage over Time, Heal Block, and Heal Reversal debuffs on himself, restoring 3% of his missing Health per effect removed this way.


Sp1: Good Fortune Thunder Kick: Critical hits from this attack have a 100% chance to apply the Impervious Strike's Armor Break.
Fist of the Dragon: This attack has +1050 critical hit rating.
Heart of the Dragon: Critical hits also apply a Suppression debuff for 18 seconds, reducing combat power rate by 12% each. (Max 5)

Sp2: Shattering Golden Star Blow: Each hit of this attack has a 50% chance to apply an additional Armor Break debuff if it applied an Impervious Strikes Armor Break.
Fist of the Dragon: Armor Breaks applied by this attack are indefinite.
Heart of the Dragon: The last hit of this attack applies a Heal Reversal debuff on the opponent for 25 seconds.

Sp3: Shou-Lao the Undying:
Fist of the Dragon: This attack gains 635 additional attack rating for every debuff on the opponent.
Heart of the Dragon: This attack gains 230 additional attack rating for every 1000 Health Iron Fist has.
After this special finishes; change Iron Fist's Stance.


For his Synergies I wanted to do a Ghost Rider and or DD Synergy but couldn't think of anything for this Kit or theirs, and his current Synergies flow well enough with all that he would have here as well, so none of those would be changed either. If I think of something later, I'll drop it in the comments.

Anyways that's all I've got for now, if you have any ideas please let me know! If there is another Character you think I should take a swing at also let me know. As always if you read this far, thank you for your time and have a great day!

P.S. I've written a few other posts like this, so if you thought this was neat-o and wanna check out the others, that would be very appreciated!


  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 2,973 ★★★★★
    I like it although I'd tweak the amount of missing health up to 5% just cause that seems like it wouldn't be too broken unless he stacks chi rapidly similar to Nova with his dash charges.
  • CybourgRokuCybourgRoku Posts: 37
    I agree! I wasn't sure how high I wanted to push it along with his nullify heal, but with his Chi going on a 30 second cooldown, 5% healing is probably a lot better.
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