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Battlegrounds match restarted after KO?

I don’t even know how it could have happened, but here we go. 2nd round in the match (lost the first one), where I KO the void with my AA with 35 sec left. Right after the match, it took me straight to the final “Match Lost” screen and back to the battlegrounds home. I want to see how the guy beat me, but the next thing I know the game freezes, then takes me BACK into that void match, but this time we’re at the full health and at 35 seconds. Once that 35 sec period is over, it takes me to the round screen where I discover I would have won that round.

(Warning: this next part is just me ranting)
I mean, it’s not bad enough that I’m somehow almost always matched against accounts an entire progression level above, and in the small chance I get a decent matchup I “coincidentally” lose from the opponent using unduped 6* r1 to take out reliable BG defenders **cough cough cheating cough cough**. And it’s not bad enough that Archangel’s bleed/poison ability accuracy has been nerfed to kingdom come and half of the parries somehow become nonexistent. But that’s tolerable as that’s just becoming what we’re used to. But to literally pull you out of a match and then shove ya back in one with 35 seconds left? As the the peeps on shark tank say, “And for that reason, I’m out”. Now I’m not quitting the game, and I’m not saying that sandbagging is the correct way to play the game, but I’d rather just get my free rewards than deal with that stress.


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