Platinum ally running map 6 looking for a few

It's that time again.... war off season! With a few members needing breaks from the contest, contest of weirdos has a handful of spots to fill in our veteran alliance. We are a competitive group in AW without putting too much stress on our members, we look for members that know how to win but don't need or necessarily want a push to climb the rankings ladder. We are an alliance that hits platinum time after time.
Our AQ is map 6 heroic mods 5 days and usually rank anywhere from right around 300-500.

We are looking for new members who...
-have LINE and use it to communicate war strategies, relay if they will be late to an event if possible and to contribute in the main chat with some awesome members if they feel like it.
-we are US based so looking for similar time zones, outside by a little is fine with us.
-prestige is less of a concern than bigger accts ( we need deeper rosters for diversity on defense without hindering someone's attack) 2 mil minimum typically but can look at champs for exceptions.
- members should have a relaxed approach to the game. We try to get all on as early as possible to alliance events but it's not always possible. We don't push item usage to the max (save that loyalty for rank up mats if possible)

If this sounds like your new home, let's talk.
IGN & LINE captdeadp00l
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