New event idea. Maybe you'll like it

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I've benn playing AFK Arena for a 2 year and they have cool system in some side quest. The whole idea is to choose debuffs for the quest by yourself. The is a list of debuffs and you can pick any of them if you think that your roster can handle this. More debuffs = more rewards. So i think this would be interesting for mcoc as well. Based on your roster you can pick enemy buffs which will be interesting and challenging for YOU. And with more enemy buffs you will get more rewards. How i see it in mcoc. You will have 1 to fight with exat champion and special list of enemy buffs which you could choose. Based ob difficulty there will be different buffs abd hp lvl od enemy and rawards as well. On week 2 you will have another champion to fight. Sound kinda like eop but more flexible and better than most events that we have now (especially rifts without picking path). Maybe it would be used for future practice mode imorovements ( i would love to see that as well). Ty for your attention:)
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