4* PHC Drop Rate increase



  • RapRap Posts: 2,929 ★★★★
    And that is it in a nutshell kid! Ya got lucky! go get a lotto ticket! You got an angel in your pocket!
  • I opened 40 PHCs. 100% 2*s.
    Then I opened another 10, I pulled one 4* (BPCW) and one 3*.
    Then I opened another 50 and I pulled 7 x 3*s.

    I think the drop rate is the same like the usual.
  • I think it's related to your unit or money spending. I've had some brilliant pulls from premium or featured hero crystals around the times I've dropped big amounts of cash but **** pulls when I stop spending. I guess it could just be coincidence but wouldn't surprise me if they tied spending and luck together. Another reason i think this might be the case is watching Seatin on YouTube, his free to play account hasn't had any luck but his main account has had brilliant luck
  • unknownunknown Posts: 378
    a lot of people wont pay 2 play because the drop rates are so terrible. They have absolutely no confidence in the game anymore. I dont blame them for not spending. Increase the drop rate of better champs and I guarantee you will see some people buy other offers. They just keep shooting themselves in the foot with the constant bugs and low drop rates.
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