Looking for an alliance

I can do map 5 with mods of epic or map 4 and map 3 in. AW very weak in fighting due to out of practice.

Been playing contest of champions for 7yrs. Have line add me ggodorov1 or in game Path Seeker



  • Sean_GrizzySean_Grizzy Posts: 119
    I'm rebuilding my Alliance & would absolutely welcome you on board. No worries about being out of practice on AW, I just ask that you stay active. Alliance name is Victorious Secret & my screen name is Sean Grizzy, feel free to message me.
  • Move964_Move964_ Posts: 97
    edited November 2022
    Would like to join my alliance and stay as long as you would like for glory grinds map3
  • greyblue42greyblue42 Posts: 92
    We might be what you are looking for!

    We’re are pretty relaxed Silver 1 Alliance. No stress – but good rewards to constantly progress.

    Alliance Quest/ 1 BG Map 2 & 1 BG Map 4 both with Mods / 60 Mil= 2200 Glory per Cycle
    Alliance War / 2 BGs during season – 1 BG off Season

    We are looking to fill five open spots atm – The main requirement is to be active in the game!

    If you decide to join AQ/AW, then help by clearing the paths in the attack phase as good as you can. Everyone pitches in to gain the best rewards we can.

    Sounds interesting for you?

    We would be happy if you join us and find a new home with us.

    Alliance tag: KR33!
    Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
    My IGN & Line-handle: Greyblue42
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