Battlegrounds Objectives only partially working

With the start of Season 3, BG objectives showed up. It seemed a little bugged, as there were two Win Matches objectives - one for 'win 2' and one for 'win 3'.

I played a few matches, and won enough to move to Bronze 2.
My Complete matches objectives correctly tracks the matches.
However, the Win matches objectives was bugged - the 'Win 2 matches' objectives logged 1 win only, while the 'Win 3 matches' objectives didn't show any wins logged.. When I exited the game, and completely restarted the game, now the Victory objective is not there anymore.


  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 3,349 ★★★★★
  • JOC_3096JOC_3096 Posts: 91
    I've lost mine completely, 1 win and claimed the 'win 1' and the other two disappeared
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 865 ★★★★
    I think they've tried to implement a Win 1, Win 2, Win 3 with the 200 points each instead of just a Win 3 with 600 points.
    Seems to have gone a bit awry.
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