9.5mill 55555 Alliance Looking for One

If you want to clear map 5 every day with responsible players who always log in, this is your home.

We do map 5 daily and always clear. Wars as often as possible usually not below tier 4, and we aim to win but don't always require using pots if we look like we're beaten in diversity.

Expect AQ expert rewards for around 100 million points a week.

Group prestige is around 4650, most of us but not all have at least one 5* r4.

Active players are a must. We don't require grinding, but appreciate those who play the game and naturally put up numbers in alliance 3-day events. We do require 15k for completion.

Preferred: prestige 4500+, US based. We are also willing to work with different time zones and lesser rosters if it's the right fit. Progressing players who are responsible and hungry for more fit in here as well.

Hit me up in Line or in the game: Campo4
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