Looking for chill alliance (prestige 11.9k)

Looking for chill alliance
Not interested in aq


  • IronTomFlintIronTomFlint Posts: 108
    Do you use Line? If so, let’s talk. I’m IronTomFlint on Line. Maybe we’d be a good fit.
  • QQBillQQBill Posts: 12
    You would also be welcome in QQQ -- see our new recruiting post for details. We do generally run AQ (and AW), but you would be free to skip both. With that said, you would definitely be one of our most powerful members, so you might find the rewards you would get from alliance events to be a lot lighter than what you could get from a more powerful alliance.
  • We run 554 and are G3 we would love to have you as a boss dropper in our map 4 so wouldn't ask alot of you in that department. If interested hmu on line at hunting.player1
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