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Superstar_1126Superstar_1126 Posts: 202
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Uncollected EQ 2.1 Immortal Abomination fight

I have no idea what Superiority means or what it does. Can anyone help me understand??


  • AxewAxew Posts: 259 ★★★
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    Class advantage. For example, skill has superiority against science

    Edit: Thought this was right, guess not lol
  • FurrymoosenFurrymoosen Posts: 827 ★★★★
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    Axew said:

    Class advantage. For example, skill has superiority against science

    That is not correct in all cases, nor in the one above. You’re referring to class advantage/disadvantage.
  • Ghost_FanGhost_Fan Posts: 177 ★★★
    If you are up against Korg every skill champion (only for this node, there are different superiority nodes) will gain the bonus that the 2nd node offers. If they belong to the other 5 classes then they won't get the superiority bonus
  • Repto23Repto23 Posts: 667 ★★★
    Its a combo node

    If champion is X they gain Superiority
    If champ has Superiority then Y happens

    In this case if your fighting iBomb so all science champions will gain Superiority and when you knock him down he gains a more potent weakness debuff of -50% for 15 seconds.

    Without Superiority (all other classes) when iBomb gets knocked down he would only receive a -10% weakness debuff for 10 seconds.
  • HazzalecHazzalec Posts: 757 ★★★
    Superiority is a condition. E.g. if the attacker and defender are the same class, if the attacker is #hero, etc.

    There are superiority nodes that specify a condition, and then nodes that trigger or don’t trigger based on whether that condition is true.
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