An Update on the Battle Against Cheaters: Dec 2nd, 2022

Hello Summoners!

The game team has just performed a targeted sweep of the BG Leaderboards to find and ban cheaters. Furthermore, the plan moving forward is to do these types of sweeps twice each week, where possible, throughout each BG season.

The end-of-season sweep will still be performed, as it has been, after the previous two seasons. This, as most of you know, is a much more thorough and involved process and, as a result, would not be achievable on the planned, twice-weekly cadence throughout the season.

The changes to the leaderboards may not be immediate, though we have seen multiple reports from accounts that have seen the results live.

Additionally, the game team will continue working to develop new tech to further streamline this process and to combat cheaters.

As always, the battle against cheaters will be fought on a long road, but we want to reassure you all that this is being taken very seriously.

- MCOC Team
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