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2.8 mil 14k prestige (3R4s) TB LF 66555 & solid G1

I’ll show up & handle what I’m supposed to.
Current Officer pulling a little too much weight in my G2/G1 alliance. Looking to make a small step up in AW to a solid G1, and step back to member status. Discord preferred, line considered.
Convince me you have an awesome crew I should join.
Same IG & LINE. Discord same plus #2442


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    BoonecooneyBoonecooney Posts: 72
    Hello HammerGod3,

    Have you found yourself an Alliance yet??

    If not? I would like to cordially invite you to our Alliance!

    We run map 5x5 currently for AQ! AQ is mandatory!

    We run 2 BG's for AW! AW is free to join! No pressure!!
    We finished last season in G2. And we are looking for ACTIVE PLAYERS who can help us progress to G1/Plat.

    We also just finished top 11%- 20% in BG's Event for Season 2!

    Give me a shout if you're interested!

    Alliance name: Rebel Alliance 69
    Line I D.- Rebel Thumbs
    Game I.D. - Rebel Thumbs
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    HammerGod3HammerGod3 Posts: 43
    Thanks Boone, but in order to make a move, I’m looking for an ally that’s comfortably established in G1. Also looking for a little (not a lot) of AQ map 6 to ensure 300-350 mil rewards tier per week.
    Good luck!
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    BoonecooneyBoonecooney Posts: 72
    Fair enough Mate! We have 1 open spot if you change your mind! Best of luck with your search!
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    WayoverWayover Posts: 31
    Hello. Are you still looking for an alliance? I’m part of a fully established G1, we run map 6 & we use line. We are laid back, not looking for platinum status. We finish map 6 about 99% of the time, all days. We also do pretty good in battlegrounds.
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    WayoverWayover Posts: 31

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    WayoverWayover Posts: 31
    You can see our alliance info
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    Vicro13Vicro13 Posts: 20
    If you're still looking for an alliance we have a spot. AQ map 6,6,5 epic mods.
    War we finished P4 around 390.. looking to keep move up into top 150 P4.
    Ingame - vicro13
    Lineid - vicrosa13
    Tag# B•S•V
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    HammerGod3HammerGod3 Posts: 43
    Thanks folks. I put up a newer post, I’m looking for 66555 or 66655 and an alliance that uses Discord comms
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