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Fix the game

So I've been facing this issue from past 2 months with the game lagging in fights and the champion not completing his combo. Look, we all know this is not easy, but fix this issue for good man. Its really frustrating to use revives on stupid quest.
Restarting the game or doing anything else is not a permanent solution to this problem i guess.
Today i was able to face a new one, parry and dex delay, the whole game was not responding to the touch and it costed me my champs in incursion

Look, these are rank 4 champs, I know I am not that good of a player myself, but I am not this bad either.
So fix the game 👍


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    MaioMaio Posts: 1
    Estou passando por isso também, aq, incursão e evento mensal!
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