If You Can't Fix The Game, At Least Stop Penalizing Players

The crashing is out of control. Happens at least once every AQ and AW, and the fact that we get penalized so much for it is ridiculous (counts as a death, lose half health, restore opponent to full health, lose some persistent abilities, etc..). If you can't fix the game, then fix what happens after it crashes. Yes, I understand that people may exploit it by force closing, but the problem is on the games side, so penalize the game before penalizing the players. At the very least, make it the same as when it happens in normal questing, and just restart the match as it was going in after the first crash. I'm about one crash away from quitting, and that sucks.


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    GogiGogi Posts: 454 ★★★
    I would say check your connection, from what you have explained I have not experienced any of it.
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