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Awakening Advice

I’ve had some good fortune lately in that I’ve snagged some good 6* pulls. I recently returned to playing after a 1ish year hiatus.

My trouble is that I have a bunch of newer champs, who I think are good, but can’t figure out who (if any) need to be awakened/are worth a generic 6* AG. The candidates are:

- Hulkling
- Wiccan
- Gorr
- Titania
- Scorpion
- Red Mags (not new, but I think he does his think unawakened?)

Any advice is appreciated. Cheers!


  • LexSaviLexSavi Posts: 162
    Whelp…Can now add Knull to the list as well.
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,741 ★★★★★
    Congrats on some absolutely amazing pulls. I don't think I'd necessarily throw a generic gem on any of them, but I figure I can describe what their various awakened abilities do to let you make up your own mind if that's something you think is valuable.

    Hulkling: It doesn't add much in terms of new abilities, but rather just enhances his existing ones. His fury and bulwark buffs last longer and his pierce buffs pierce harder. Nothing game-breaking, just nice-to-have stuff.

    Wiccan: I only just (as in, earlier today) ranked my unawakened Wiccan up, so I don't really speak for experience here. Take what I say with the appropriate grain of salt. That said, his awakened ability allows him to block unblockable attacks from cosmic champs, as long as he has Resistance Up active. He also circumvents shock immunities by applying degeneration damage instead (which acts as shock damage in terms of how it interacts with his other abilities). Finally, when you combine incinerate and shock/degeneration into plasma, you gain a chance to not consume your shock/degen. All in all, I think this seems to be a pretty strong sig ability. I'm certainly looking to awaken my Wiccan. But I still wouldn't slam a generic gem into him. At least not without trying him out first. If you do and you find that there are a lot of annoying shock immune champions that you need to deal with, then yeah, maybe it's time to reevaluate.

    Gorr: What his sig does is three things: 1) it gives you an Undermine buff (meaning you'll go unblockable whenever the opponent autoblocks you) whenever you gain a Shadow Magic buff; 2) increases the duration of your DOT debuffs; and 3), gives you an extra stack of heresy when fighting on the final node in a quest.

    Gorr is getting a buff next year so I'd hold on until then, at least. See how he turns out. I've heard good things but there's no need to rush into things.

    Titania: She has a very simple but neat sig ability: her fury passives are more potent against L and XL champions, and her debuffs have a chance to trigger twice. The first part is pretty self-explanatory - more damage is cool - but the second allows her to build up to her Haymaker quicker. The more time you can spend indestructible, unblockable and unstoppable, well, the better.

    Scorpion: He gives you two extra bits of utility, depending on whether you're using the SP1 or SP2. If the opponent is taunted (that is, after you've used an SP1), you'll be able to block unblockable special attacks as long as you have your Scorpion Sense up. I haven't found a use for it yet but it's good to have, I guess. The other part of his sig is what I tend to use the most, though. It allows you to siphon off a bit of health whenever your SP2's Petrify prevents the opponent from healing. It's not too useful in general questing, but it's super useful in the competitive areas of the game since most people tend to run Willpower. As soon as your SP2 connects, you start healing.

    It's a good sig ability, but worthy of a generic gem? Eh, I don't know.

    Red Mags: I think his sig ability is pretty overlooked, mostly because he's so incredibly powerful even without it. However, it puts a cap on how much damage you can take from any single hit. This can be really powerful if you ever get clipped by something. Take an SP2 to the face? Don't worry! (As long as it wasn't a multi-hit one.)

    It also has some other stuff like increased block penetration (a bit meh), increased critical resistance (I'll take it), and a burst of energy damage whenever you land a heavy attack (quite nice, since you'll mostly use heavy attacks).

    Knull: I just awakened this bad boy myself so I haven't had the time to try him out in his awakened state, but it should help him ramp up faster since he starts with X number of Living Abyss debuffs on the opponent. However, you need to pump in a lot of sig stones to really see the benefit of it. Mine is sig 20 and a single starting Living Abyss debuff shouldn't do much difference one way or the other. However, I do plan on sigging him up.

    In addition to this, he gains an unstoppable and unblockable buff whenever corruption activates. Maybe not the most useful on attack, but it's really annoying on defense. He also replaces any regens the opponent activates with a degeneration debuff, as long as they are below X% health.
  • LexSaviLexSavi Posts: 162
    Wow, don’t think I could’ve asked for a better response. Thanks very much! May your pulls always be lucky.
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