Titania and Iron Man (Infamous) Balancing Follow Up

Hey all,

Balance Team here once again with an update on Titania and Iron Man (Infamous):


So far, we’re happy with how Titania’s landed in the current Meta! She had some annoying Mystic defenders in mind as targets, alongside the new Path 2 in Alliance War and we’re glad to see that players have used her effectively in those matchups (poor Mojo). Additionally, we’re seeing players do well with her aggressive playstyle in certain Battlegrounds Metas! All in all, we’re happy with where Titania currently sits in the Battlerealm and won’t be making any changes to her kit.

Iron Man (Infamous)

Iron Man (Infamous) had some specific Mutant targets in his sights and we’re glad to see him taking out plenty of the annoying Bishops and Apocalypses out there on Defense! Iron Man (Infamous) was designed to hit harder than his Mystic counterpart in a day-to-day matchup, while also featuring his own take on Power Control. In his case, we put an emphasis on his Personal Armor Up Buff, which he needs in order to trigger the Aura of Iron. Take away Victor’s Armor on attack or defense, and you take away his utility, and damage! So far we’re happy with how that exchange has played out, and will be leaving him as is.

What’s next?

We’re still in the early stages, but will be working on a brand new kit for Spider-Man (Classic) to follow Hulk (Classic)’s new kit! More details to follow in the new year!

-- Balance Team
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