Champions inflation has to be resolved

Hello Kabam and summoners, I play this game for a year and I really enjoy it. But it came to my attention that developers and game kind forgets some aspect of the game overall , for that past year game changed a lot a lot of champs were added to the game.I want to talk about the inflation of champions that are currently in the game , especially with a new addition of 6 stars.So in current state of the game we are having almost 120 champions, if you take in consideration that most of the champion are being released as different stars 2, 3,4,5 the number of champions goes over 400 hundred and they will keep Raise each month due to the fact that regularly developers are adding more champions (being released as 3,4and 5 stars, occasionally 2 stars the same champ ex . Thor ragnarok). And when 6 stars will come to the game this nr will increase exponentially. We are forgetting that In current state of the game we need only 3 champs for AQ 8 for Aw, and 5 for reg quest, so a total of 16 . Only 16 champs are involved in game content while rest are used for arena or not used at all. So my point is when you about to add 100 more champs into the game and u need just 16 characters to play the content In MCOC is kind of out of sense. So what I would like to suggest is to expand the area where we can use more champs at the same time. The first thing that comes in my mind expanding the war map where we can add for ex 10 defenders and bring 5 or 6 attackers . Let as bring 4 atackers for AQ and expand the nodes and the map(time of course to be adjusted for energy). Adding a new feature quest where does not require energy and you can use in parallel other champs while rest are blocked in AQ AW or reg quest. I hope You Kabam will come with a reply to this and understand that game needs more champs to be involved in game progression , people are collecting hundreds of them and they become uselles due to the fact of inflation. We need a reason why we have to buy new crystals , to get new champs , if the rosters is puffed up enough with at least 16 strong champs for all aspects of the game the rest doesn’t have room besides arena. In current state of the game , again adding so many champs and unknown nr of 6 stars it stays irrelevant while the aspects stays the same as used to be 3 years ago.


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    MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 913 ★★★
    You can use all your champs in arena.

    That said, I do agree with what you're saying. Arena gets awfully dull and being able to use more of your champs for other content should be implemented. You used to be able to have an attack team in story mode and another attack team in event quest mode. They don't let you do that anymore and it would be nice if they could bring that back.

    Would be nice if they reduced the energy costs for daily catalyst quests to 1 per tile across the board (or free to move!) and allowed us to have more than 1 attack team in story/event quest modes.

    Would also be nice if they expanded the AW defense map and increased our attack teams in AW and AQ.

    Right now, I feel like I use the same champs over and over and over.
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    RapRap Posts: 3,194 ★★★★
    The game has become endlessly repitious! Down to the drops and awards...the solo events rotate in a cycle...same rewards...only thing that offers a different reward is the champ arenas and it seems arenas and new champs is all that is exciting us.
    I believe random drops of higher tier items on event quests and more of a variety of awards instead of this grinding for the same things over and over again would help give a little more excitement.
    Frankly I have wondered about the numbers of champs they generate. Don't think it is necessary to release two new champs a week...but let's be honest...the new champs are what keep most of us playing.
    This mess was inevitable...too many, too fast, always the next is stronger and carrying more and more buffs than those released previoisly. They have been so focused on making new unique champs (like some kind of hero factory) that the rest of the game has fallen apart.
    It lags because it is our most bloated edition ever! Anyone notice Thor dances in the preview screen? Any other champs dance? With all the new player content I believe the lag is just too many mini apps running in the background while we fight. IF the apps running the time and the various counters and banners and adds are running like on our phones, in the background, so when we switch screens it loads quicker they could be the culprits. But lag is always a result of too much info sent at to slow a speed or not enough resources for it to function properly where it is recieved...Frankly I think it is both. A game that keeps geting bigger and bigger...just by virtue of our champ rosters the data pool just keeps growing and growing and we are getting choked out of the game.
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