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Generic AG + sig stones

Like many, I have a generic 6* AG that I want to make the best use of. I could add about 60 sig stones in addition to the awakening gem.

Who to use it on and is it super important to dump said individual with sig stones?

Valkyrie R1, just pulled her, haven't used her but willing to try once I look at some videos
Titania R1, same as above
Gorr R1, same as above
Knull R2
Nimrod R3 tempted to do Nimrod because he will be my next R4
Sasquatch R3
Quicksilver R3
S2099 R3

Other viable options but with a caveat:

Omega Red, already have a sig 200 R5 5*
Namor, same as above
CAIW, same as above
Guardian, same as above
Crossbones, same as above



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