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Who would you rank 4?

HzoriHzori Posts: 288 ★★
edited December 2022 in Strategy and Tips
I mainly just play BGs, AQ and AW.
Am satisfied with story progression, just waiting for 8.2 to release currently.

Abyss I have yet to do but not so sure if it's still worth doing.
All variants completed, some explored, not all because rewards outdated.

This will be my second rank 4 (first being Nimrod) so I want to make the right decision.

Who would you rank 4? 13 votes

Valkyrie (Duped high sig)
Spurgeon14SpecMBenichis 3 votes
Apocalypse (Unduped)
ReignkingTWRenaxqqZAHIDMALIK1588 3 votes
Quicksilver (Duped high sig)
Ben_15455 1 vote
Galan (Duped)
yossSachhyam257Mother_FlerkenThePredator1001Salve_maker05HiltonAls 6 votes
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