Mystique should be added, but not as a playable character........

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Okay, now here me out......

Imagine the start of AQ..
You see who the mini boss is
You bring the right champ to counter
You roll up to the mini
Thinking "okay, easy fight.. I got this.."
You come running out from the left side
And Mystique comes running out from the right
I'm talking about a fighting style that's unique
Specials you've never seen
You don't know how to dex it
Or even block it.

Since she can only shape-shift
And not mimic super powers
It'll make sense to not know when you'll be fighting her..

She should possess super strength, a slight healing factor, immune to reverse controls, etc.

Synergy: Prof X, Magneto, Sabretooth, Wolverine, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Nimrod, Sentinel, Toad, Norman Osborne, Gambit,
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    Thanks for the suggestion, @Blue_Marvel!

    If you would like it to be considered along with everyone else's ideas, please be sure to post it in our dedicated Character Wishlist Thread.

    When trying to decide which new Champions to add, our Game Team reviews that thread for inspiration. Suggestions posted in separate discussions like this are likely to be missed.
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