Anyone else think they should rework/buff some of the old champions to keep up with newer champs

New champs are coming to the game and they are all coming with crazzyy new abilities meanwhile older champs (e.g. hawkeye who's SP 2 is called incendiary arrow but doesn't even incinerate) are stuck in the back becoming useless


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    I suppose too part of that feeling stems from the fact that my favs were all front loaded and keep dropping further to the bottom.
  • I agree. With the Hawkeye sp2 and even sp3 needing some love like a lot of champs. Electro should have a chance to shock on at least 1 or 2 sp atks. And absorbing energy or at the very least shock damage to power or something. So many come to mind. Too many things to go on about. Just to be ignored.
  • As much as i want them to revise the older champs, i don't see them doing it.

    They are focusing on new deals, new champs, and content. Not to mention all the bugs. (Blade and Nebula are proof how parry is broken)

    Only way they are buffing champs is via synergies with new characters now. I think that's how it's gonna be now.
  • I mean it's good to keep adding new Champs, But the way the game is they need to fix the older ones last month's event quest was proof basically you'd have to Crack open the units/wallet if you didn't have Iceman they should give the other older/weaker Champs a boost instead of just adding new ones with counter abilities it's just adding gasoline to the fire
    More e.g. is that Iceman can get frostbite????
    Ghost Rider a skeleton that has been set on fire can be incinerated??
    In the comic and cartoons series Luke Cage has sat in lava without batting an eye how does one like that take incinerate damage
    Electro, Thor, Storm can be shocked that makes absolutely no sense
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    There is no question they need to do this! The newer champs are not only larger but suddenly all of them have stun resist, unblockable attacks, effects that damage when you hit, and now they can charge up their final 2 times as oposed to wolverine ' s one...the distance between power and buff ups is ever growing and a little rediculous.
  • Kabam is planning on doing this.

    Check out Seatin's videos on youtube. He went to Comicon and talked to the developers a lot. This is one of the things that he asked them about, and Kabam wants to revise the old characters just as much as we do.

    It's just a matter of resources. They've gone from making characters that are pretty much copies of old characters (like new versions of Iron-Man) to making every character have new animations. So making characters takes more time than it used to. They explained why this was done. However, they plan on hiring more people to get the work done on older characters.

    Watch Seatin's con reports to get more infomation.
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    That makes a lot of us very happy to hear I am sure! But maybe a slight slow down in the release of new champs would give them the breathing room and time to rework the massive roster we already have. And as movies are released with these older champs as the stars maybe that is when you roll out the revamp! Not neccessarily a new version of them...New ironman movie coming...time the revamp with the release...if you have him he is improved and if you don't you have a chance of winning or popping the new and improved ironman in crystals and arenas.
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