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When will you fix this damn doo... I mean bug?

Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 3,446 ★★★★★
edited January 2023 in Strategy and Tips
Miles camo bug is one of those bugs on which kabam always remains silent. It is just like the hood controversy, where players are still requesting for a solution but they are ignoring it.
I was just randomly exploring quests in act 6. 6.2.5 is goddamn the hardest quest i have ever encountered. Even that boss is sneaky without wags prefight. Miles is the best solution to this fight. We just need to land one heavy and take mordo in the corner of the screen. Then it's all heavy game. While doing this stuff, mordo struck me with his unblockable sp1, though miles has 105% chance against unblockable attacks. Mind me, i hadn't yet mentioned that my team was fully revived, not a single champ was knocked out when i started the fight with miles, the sp1 stunned miles, and then with a chain of combos where no hits were being missed and stun was super long, mordo struck me with another sp1. Dude, the fight was going straight up solid, the ai might be bad for fighting when the team isn't alive, but why on earth does this bug still exist, he was my latest 6 star rank up. I planned of him being in my bg deck from next season too, now what are my plans, couple of 2 stars, i don't wanna do that kabam. Please, humble request from my side to resolve this issue


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