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Best 6* science champ, out of these 3

HiltonAlsHiltonAls Posts: 13
edited January 2023 in Strategy and Tips
I would also appreciate hearing the reasoning behind your vote

Best 6* science champ, out of these 3 18 votes

Miles Morales
Spity68LBN1 2 votes
Immortal Hulk
Luke9523RenaxqqJragonMaster170PowerOfACandleGrappigeguy123 5 votes
Mr. Negative
SpeedbumpMother_FlerkenFiiNCHLeoZedPraneeth_SP616Giantwalrus56SaltE_Wenis69BanannaPandawillrun4adonutSuelGamesKLZ 11 votes


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    BanannaPandaBanannaPanda Posts: 106
    Mr. Negative
    I enjoy Negative because I like the dot on sp2, but it’s nice utility with his niche immunities. IHulk is good for plenty of spots especially end game with longer stuns (grandmaster, Superior Kang, etc.)
    Miles is cheesy for unblockable and I still use him as a 5* r3 for those fights, but his awakening really helps for damage
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