Anyone know where I csn get some more frags?

GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 1,813 ★★★★
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I just did the gm carina in 4 revives with thor, hulk and korg.

Im gonna r5 my doc oc to do the 6.3 havok one.

When is bg back?

Glory is the other way.

Any way else?
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  • MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 1,119 ★★★★
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    EOP later this month, Act 8.1 completion, Act 7.2 - 7.4 exploration, Cav EQ exploration, EQ week 4 solo objectives, AW season rewards

    BG season starts tomorrow
  • Marostrange2005Marostrange2005 Posts: 402 ★★★
    loyalty maybe? or greater banquet crystals if u have some spare units and get lucky
  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 1,813 ★★★★
    Ive done all story. So my best bet is to wait for bg then and grind it. Thanks
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