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Simple fix for the HELP button

RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,088 ★★★★
Remove it from the game.

If someone asks for help assume they would receive all the help needed. If someone asks for help with energy just auto give the 10 energy to them.

Then just add the 1000 loyalty to the calendar rewards.

At the very least if you can't do this can you move people who are asking for help with energy to the top of the list instead of the bottom? So many in my alliance do arena so no one ever gets much energy help.


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    RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,088 ★★★★
    Or anything else than what we currently have would be nice. lol
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    Player1994Player1994 Posts: 793 ★★★
    -well they could make 1 all help button .
    -they could put the champion who are free to play arena above those who need help too it's annoying to get down to put them in fight especially when u have 70 4* that needs help it takes 2minutes every time not speaking when u are playing catalyseur arena and u have 150 champion.
    @Kabam Custos @Kabam Vydious i played in solo before and it was quake and fast bcz of the lack of help the character who are out of stamina goes down automaticly but in alliance they are above all other champion
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    RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,088 ★★★★
    A help all button wont happen. It will bog down the servers and cause more issues. The best case would be remove it altogether imo.
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    An increase to "Help 10" would be nice though. Or a way to filter the help request for example:
    - Only 5 stars
    - Only 4 stars
    - Only 3 stars
    - 2* and 1*
    - Only energy
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    RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,088 ★★★★
    edited November 2017
    I do believe if it stays the same then Energy Help should move to the top of the list. My entire alliance runs arena so the help list is huge.
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