Bro what... this happening to y'all too?

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Playing battlegrounds today and i just got auto forfeited or sum. I won the first fight, easy takedown of colossus with galan

Second fight i take venom against his nimrod, because of power burn immunity bla bla. The fight times out, the normal loading screen is on for longer than usual and instead of showing the round results, bam i lost the whole match. Yes i restarted the game to see if it showed a previous loss but nope, showed this one, so isnt a visual bug.

Its not like he won the round, it just shows... nothing, doesnt even show match results for second round. I had no connection issues, didnt get a reconnect or anything, though even that wouldnt explain how why it just auto forfeited, since i didnt forfeit, this is weird man. The nodes are bad enough, but to just lose for no reason. Like even if i lost that round, no 3rd round? Bro what.

Edit, i know it says forfeited but i aint press a single button man, fight timed out and match was over. This a new kind of mod? cause it creative ngl.


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    AllnamesbetakenAllnamesbetaken Posts: 118
    DrZola said:

    Yes, I’ve had that happen both for me and against me. Not sure what’s going on. I used to think the other player got disconnected, but after it happened to me I realized that’s not it.

    Dr. Zola

    Well thats some bs, never had it happen where i won though (kabam a little help in the department? Pls). Had ppl forfeit/rage quit before timer for match results cuz they lost two in a row, but it still showed all round results.
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    johnwho63johnwho63 Posts: 56
    Same here. In my last 2 matches (one yesterday and one right now) the game auto forfeited me and 180 elders mark gone to waste😔. This needs to be fixed asap.
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    AllnamesbetakenAllnamesbetaken Posts: 118

    When i win a match, just before the victory screen arrives, out of excitement i just turn my phone off for a few seconds to dance, and when i turn it on, it shows that i forfeited🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

    Ive turned my phone off before, still gave me the win, that shouldnt be happening.
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