LF Battlegrounds focused alliance

I'm thinking of looking for an alliance that is focused on Battlegrounds.

I've been playing almost since the game started. Current prestige is a little under 13,000.
I've been in a retired alliance for about 2 years because I was tired of the grind. I'm looking for something that's inbetween "retired" and hard core where maybe the alliance completes AQ BGs and more than 2 or 3 people participate in Battlegrounds, more like 20 or more to hit all the milestone rewards.

AQ I have experience playing map 6, but I haven't played it in a few years, not since they still had links. Not looking for high end AQ. Map 5 or lower is fine for me. I may consider map 6 though.

AW I am currently playing gold 3, I'm good with Gold 1 or 2, not looking for higher because I don't want to grind and worry about it.

So again, I am looking for an alliance that is active and can get stuff done, but also understands that the game is not a job. Family and work come first.

I have LINE to communicate, not interested in other communication apps.
IGN Anakin Sciluk
LINE AnakinSciluk (no space in between)
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