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Unstoppable not staggering

Unstoppable buff reappears right after being nullified or staggered by hood, jane or doc vs jug/UC.


  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 147
  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 147
    edited November 2017
    And it's right back up
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,909 ★★★★★
    Because UC and juggernaut trigger 2x unstoppable buffs. So you need 2x staggers.
    Hood stagger ability don't stack
  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 147
    Unstoppables can stack if they overlap but not 2 at once.
  • Etaki_LirakoiEtaki_Lirakoi Posts: 480 ★★
    Irakli wrote: »
    Unstoppables can stack if they overlap but not 2 at once.
    When the special is used, one unstoppable buff is being used, when it end it is replaced by another unstoppable buff that starts to count down, they did this change a while ago to lazily fix the labyrinth UC bug.
  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 147
    thanks, must've missed that change.
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