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Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will remain untouched.
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CGR v Galan v Hulkling

DemonicStalkerDemonicStalker Posts: 244 ★★
edited January 16 in Strategy and Tips
All r awakened... just whom to rank 4...and why? I play BG until Uru 2 or Uru 1 glad circuit..
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  • Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 673 ★★★
    Most would say hulking but I kind think Galan is the most fun out of the 3. If for BG it’s probably
    Hulking though.
  • FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 959 ★★★
    Galan is the most powerful champ out of the 3, but he doesn't have as much utility as the other two. Personally I feel that Hulkling is an utility machine, with both offensive and defensive capabilities. At this point Galan is basically the new cgr, so I advise you to rank up Galan if your focus is on offense and Hulkling for utility in BGs. I can't wait to test out my r4 Galan in the Grandmaster's Gauntlet
  • limeade31limeade31 Posts: 87
    Regardless of who is better, I'd say don't do cgr. He really won't get much benefit out of a damage increase I'd imagine, so I'd save him for later. I don't have galen but hulkling is consistently one of the best champs in battlegrounds and really good outside too.
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