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Ukraine is the biggest EU country. Ukraine has a ~40M population, of which, according to the last census, 67.5% consider Ukrainian their mother tongue. We have the strong capability of payment. We are not a poor region, we still love playing games and, probably, even more than before. Especially in our native language.

Ukraine has a vibrant gaming community. Ukrainian eSports teams are some of the most successful and competitive in the world.

Adding Ukrainian localization will benefit everyone, both fans from Ukraine and the developer and publisher.

Given the above-mentioned, we, the Ukrainian gaming community, ask of you Kabam to add Ukrainian as one of the official languages in MCoC.

Thank you for your time and understanding, I hope this will reach you, dear developers. Can't wait to play your game, and I hope, with Ukrainian language in it.

With kind regards,
Ukrainian gaming community <3 </i>
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