Parry / AQ Health Issues

I just fought Yellowjacket with my Wolverine in AQ Map 5 section 1. I was able to get a couple combos off against him however parry was only worked a couple times. I’ve played the game since the first month so I know it isn’t my timing causing the issue. I was then K.O.d by Yellowjacket as I went to parry after a combo and my champion dashed back. Another issue I know was not caused by an issue on my end. When I used a revive and heal to fight Yellowjacket again, he started the fight at full health. I had taken about 20-25% of his health before being K.O.d so he shouldn’t have started at full health.

These parry issues as well as other bugs are making the game harder and harder to play. I don’t mind increased difficulty, in fact, I welcome it. With some of the games current issues known by most of the active player base, playing this game has almost become more frustrating than difficult. I will no longer be attempting to complete end-game content as long as these issues survive.
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