Gold Farming Arena for 3 Star Champs Only

Hi Folk,

I still, despite the purported push towards providing higher star rated champs in general in the game and following on from the changes to the early game SQ, am being burdened with a plethora of almost entirely useless 3 star champions from crystals.

I have a reasonably robust roster, I like the collecting element of this game, and I have built a four star arena team for grinding units consisting of 80+ champs at max rank and level, many at max sig, and I would love the opportunity to make use of these 3 star champs that gather digital dust in my roster.

One thing that arenas do better than any other game mode is provide me play time with champs I don't main. I get better in this way. I also very much appreciate 'vanilla' fights without crazy node stuff going on.

The option for selling unwanted champs was removed quite some time ago, and the arenas have been updated, and I am happy with where they are at, and I am aware I could use the 3 star champs in the 4 star basic arena, but this is kinda lame when I have so many 4 star champs, not to mention the 90 or so 6 stars I have at various ranks and levels.

With recent changes to EQ, the deeply flawed yet filled with potential BG mode, and Incursions recently being opened up for solo players, I feel there could be some love for the arena game mode. A 3 star only arena might be good for these seemingly pointless and archaic 3 star champs.

I'm interested in what others think, particularly those of us that enjoy arenas, as I do.

Oh, and I'm getting low on gold, as most of us do from time to time, and although I spend a wee bit here and there, the Piggy Banks and other cash options are undesirable; I like the grind. Another guaranteed source of gold, regardless of how much we actually get from it, would be a welcome addition to the game.

TrapKill :)


  • TrapKill66TrapKill66 Posts: 96
    Oh yeah, so this would necessarily be locked by UC, or probably more appropriately TB and up. I'll be Paragon soon, not TB as I said somewhere else on here, and my gold vanishes freaky fast.
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