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Act 8.1.1 Mystic path fury not working

JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 865 ★★★★

Im exploring act 8 to get my last R4 before the end of the month to get Paragon, and I have left maybe 8 paths that Im going to do this days, and while doing the last path of Act 8.1.1, I noticed that my damage is not going up with the fury buffs that afect to the specials, which are 35% more damage each, as you can see, its doing the same damage, maybe going up from 883 to 884 with some more furys:

As you can see, 883 should go up to 1192 with 1 fury more (35% more dmg), and as you can see it does not.

I noticed it when I reached Terrax, I have Rintrah and I got all the furys quite fast, and noticed that It was going way slow so I did SP1 to test the damage, and the damage was the basic one, so I just went out of the quest to test it with Claire Voyant, because it could a Rintrah bug, but not, this happened with her too so it is the node, that is not working properly with either of the champs I used (I used Longshot too just in case it was a strange case of 2 champions bugged in the same quest, and he had the same problem)

I thought that maybe the defenders were way too thick so I did less damage even having 350% more damage on specials, so I didnt notice it since the Terrax fight which was taking way too long, so I tested it out and here we are

@Kabam Miike could this be fixed soon? Just wanna know if I should wait for the fix or just go throw the path with a couple revives and taking more time to each fight, I have only 7 paths left in whole Act 8 to explore it and it will be my ticket to Paragon before the end of the month to get the calendar too


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