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Got my carina rewards. Tap for info

Man i was so hopeless but i feel so lucky. You just have to create a ticket. And they will push the reward to your account.
Just go to kabam support.
Go in the gameplay support option.
Tap the missing quest item article from that.
Scroll down and choose submit your request.

Then make a ticket and tell you problem in short.
I just said reward missing. Completed all missions but showing only 2/6.
They will check and reply by saying that okay we manually pushed the reward in your account.


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    SOGSOG Posts: 1
    How long did this process take btw?
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    EndgodEndgod Posts: 68
    15 mins. Very fast response.
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    EndgodEndgod Posts: 68
    @SelfAwareness @Ghostyt check this bro. Your problem will be solved
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    GhostytGhostyt Posts: 8
    @Endgod I had already make a ticket but they didn’t solve my issue
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    EndgodEndgod Posts: 68
    @Ghostyt don't say like your rewards are missing.
    I said in description that -
    I have completed all missions but its showing only 2/6.
    My missions are missing.
    Don't make it big like you were tb then paragon blah blah....keep it short and hot.
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