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Battlegrounds: Gladiator Circuit scoring change suggestion

KeylessChuckKeylessChuck Posts: 14
edited January 2023 in Suggestions and Requests
I have been playing and enjoying battlegrounds like most other players in the MCOC community. I love the game mode, but I think there is room for improvement in the scoring.

A suggestion I have is to add incentive to for a player to get into the gladiator circuit early, this would also challenge them to play through the weekly nodes. So my suggestion is to add a "total season points score multiplier" for each week of the season a player has made it into the circuit. This multiplier would last through the remainder of the season, and be removed at the start of the following season.

If they make it in the following weeks this is how it would break down:

week 1 = 2.5x
week 2 = 2.0x
week 3 = 1.5x
week 4 = 1.0x

Another suggestion is that players are penalized too many points for losses in the Gladiator Circuit, as there are many factors other than just the player's skill that can come into play (ex. a bad deal that doesn't give you counters you need). My suggestion is to change the points lost from 14 to 16 points and decrease that to 10 to 12 points ~75% of what the current lost costs a player on the season.


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